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応募 後で応募 求人ID R0004228 掲載日 09/13/2018 Location:Shanghai, China

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Job Description

Complete district target through coaching and daily management of MRs. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of regional marketing strategy. Establish marketing budget in responsible district and control costs. Ensure clear and effective communication of the company strategy via various district meetings. Assist central marketing in the implementation of regional marketing activities, especially district KOL speakers development as well as relevant product marketing strategy training. Maintain cooperative relationship with district KOL and establish good communication channels. Cooperate with district marketing managers in carrying out marketing activity effectively and ensure the cost within budget and activity implemented effectively. Cooperate with district KA team, market access and sales training in developing and implementing district activities. Participate in regional and some national KOL activities and responsible products to be successfully listed in the hospital, staff training and etc. Provide market trend to RSM. Other assignments requested by department responsibility. Strictly follow compliance policy and coach team to strictly implement.

通过对代表的辅导和日常管理完成区域指标。 负责区域市场推广策略的制定和执行。 在负责区域内建立市场推广预算并控制费用。通过各种区域会议的方式,确保公司策略清晰有效的沟通,协助中央市场部执行区域市场活动,特别是培养区域KOL讲者,以及相关产品市场策略培训。 维护区域内KOL的合作关系,并建立良好的沟通渠道,配合区域市场经理有效的执行市场活动,确保费用在预算内和活动计划有效执行。 配合区域大客户团队、市场准入团队、销售培训发展和执行区域活动,参与区域和部分国家级KOL活动及负责产品顺利进入进院,以及员工培训等。 向区域销售总监反馈市场趋势,部门职责所需求的其他相关工作。 严格遵守公司合规的政策并辅导员工严格执行公司的合规政策。


Shanghai, China

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Full time

応募 後で応募